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Articles from Ancient China

Chinese Martial Arts (武术)

 Chinese Martial Arts
Chinese Martial Arts ( 武术)

Chinese martial arts, also known as wushu (武术) or gongfu (功夫) (kung fu), were part of the traditional Chinese culture and had been developed mainly for self-defence, hunting and military training.

Chinese Porcelain (陶瓷)

 Chinese Porcelain
Chinese Porcelain ( 陶瓷)

Porcelain (陶瓷) was one of the most famous Chinese arts of all time, indeed porcelain objects were often referred to as ‘china’ in some parts of the world. The Chinese porcelain was made from clay containing kaolin, a form of clay material found in China. When heated to sufficient temperatures of above 1,200 degree centigrade, kaolin changed its physical composition and became translucent and impervious to water.

China First Space Walk

 Wan Hu sitting on what was the first space craft.
Wan Hu - China first space explorer

Chinese Taikonaut Zhai Zhigang has very recently completed his first spacewalk for China, making China the third country to do so, after the former Soviet Union and the United States. Space exploration has always been a fascination for ancient civilizations and the ancient Chinese was no different.


Romance of the Three Kingdoms (三国演义) - Classical Chinese Novels

Battle of Red Cliff - Romance of the Three Kingdoms
A 1000 year old engraving marked the site
of the Battle of Red Cliff in today's Hubei, China.

Written by Luo Guanzhong ( 罗贯中) in the late Yuan and early Ming period (the exact period is not known ), the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, continue to be the most popular classical novels in Chinese Literature all these years.

The period of the Three Kingdoms, from late Eastern Han to the Western Jin Dynasty (169-265 AD) lasted about ninety years, and was an extremely chaotic period in which heroes rose to compete against one another and legends were made.

The Book of Poems

The Ancient Chinese Book of Poems
The Chinese Book of Poems 

Shi Jing ( 诗经 ) or The Book of Poems is one of the most significant headstreams of Chinese Literature. Complied over a period of almost 500 years from the Zhou Dynasty to the mid-Spring and Autumn Period, it contains 305 poems and was part of the Confucius’s curriculum in his time.

TCM - Famous Ancient Chinese Physicians

Li Shizhen, a well known medical practitioner during the Ming Dynasty.
Li Shizhen 

The field of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, is an ever evolving and adaptive discipline that has gained increased popularity in recent times. The early beginnings of the Traditional Chinese Medicine were recorded in three major classic works; namely The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Medicine (黄帝内径), The Treatise on Febrile Diseases (伤寒染病论), and The Pharmacopeia (本草纲目) or otherwise known as The Indices of Drugs.

Basis of Chinese Culture

The Yellow Emperor
How The Yellow Emperor May Have Looked Like.

Bronze Device From Xia Dynasty
A Bronze Drinking Device From the Age of Xia Dynasty

In the Chinese world, there was no defined universe in the beginning. There was simply a nothingness of formless chaos. The Chinese Culture was unique in not having a legend of myth about a Creator of the universe. This thinking was probably the most authentic line of reasoning, but it was not easy to be understood by commoners, nor was it easy to be employed by rulers.

An Ancient China's Seismograph

Back in AD 132, in the ancient capital of Jing Shi ( present day Luoyang in Henan Province) of Eastern Han Dynasty, news broke out that an official by the name of Zhang Heng ( 张衡 ) invented a mechanical machine that was capable of predicting the time and location of earthquakes. Many people did not believe him at that time.

Ancient China

Ancient China

Chinese Festivals

Chinese Festivals

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Chinese Folk Culture

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Chinese Literature

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine 

Feng Shui

Feng Shui 

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