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China Province - Zhejiang Province (浙江省)

 Zhejiang Province

Zhejiang Province ( 浙江省 ) is situated on China's south eastern coast, on the southern part of the Yangtze River Delta.  The provincial capital is Hangzhou City ( 杭州市 ).  Zhejiang Province ( 浙江省 ) covers a total land area of 101,800 square kilometers.  The province's total coastline stretches 6,486 kilometers, the longest provincial coastline in China.  Zhejiang ( 浙江 ) also has the most islands in China.  Among the province's numerous islands, 3,061 have a land area of 500 square meters or larger.  In addition, Zhejiang Province ( 浙江省 ) is adjacent to Shanghai City ( 上海市 ) to the northeast, the largest city of China.

Zhejiang Province ( 浙江省 ) has a sub-tropical monsoon climate, with the clear division of four seasons and abundant sunshine.  The average annual temperature is 15 – 18 degree centigrade and the average annual precipitation is 1,200-1,800 millimeters.  Its rainy season is from May to June; its coldest and hottest days are seen in January and July respectively.

Zhejiang Province ( 浙江省 ) is famous for its cultural relics and tourism.  It has more than seven state-level scenic areas.  Tourism resources are very rich, including the West Lake, Mount Gu, Su Di, Yingzhou, Yue Tomb, Yu quan, Mount Feilai, Lingyin Temple, Liuhe Pagoda, etc.  All these spots are famous among domestic and overseas travellers. 

Apart from these, there are Mount Putuo in Haitai, Mount Yandang, Qiandao Lake, Mount Tiantai, River Nanxi, Island Chengsi, Mount Mogan, flourished forest MountTianri, the surging Qiantang tides, Island Penglai river in Wenzhou, Tiantong temple in Ningbo, BaoguoTemple, Tianyi ge, Luxun former residence, etc.  The Surging Qiantang Tides, a unique natural view, attracts numerous visitors from both home and abroad each year.

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