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China Travel – Ningbo City (宁波市)

 Ningbo City

Ningbo City (宁波市) is an important seaport city in northeast Zhejiang. It has a long history that dated back to 5,000 years ago and is one of the oldest cities in China.

Ningbo City was an important trade city at the end of the Silk Road 2,000 years ago. It was a well known seaport among seafarers, Jews and Arab traders during the Tang and Song Dynasties. The city was also known among European traders as Liampo in ancient times.

The most famous tourist attraction is the Tianyi Chamber which is an ancient library built during the Ming dynasty era and is known to be one of the oldest libraries around. Its collections include ancient woodblock and handwritten classics, historical accounts and imperial examination records. It continues to be a charming and secluded place for contemplation and study.

Another well known attraction is the Baoguo Temple, a Mahayana Buddhist temple, which is also the oldest wooden structure in southern China that dates back to over 1,000 years ago.

Ningbo City today is a vibrant commercial city with many local enterprises producing for overseas markets. Its major exports include electrical products, textiles and food. The volume of cargoes handled by Ningbo port is second only to Shanghai in China. A newly constructed Hangzhou Bay Bridge now linked the city to Shanghai.

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