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China Travel – Wenzhou City (温州市)

 Wenzhou City

Wenzhou City (温州市) is a prosperous seaside city in southeast Zhejiang well-known for the enterprising spirit of its residents. It is also regarded as the birthplace of China’s private economy because of its early adoption of modern market reforms.

Like most cities in Zhejiang, Wenzhou City has a long history of over 4,000 years. Despite its intensive commercial activities, up to 25% of the city remained as natural scenic spots. One of the well known landscapes is Yandang Mountain, an ancient rhyolite volcano, which has been named as World Geological Park.

Wenzhou City is also known as the “County of one hundred islands” because of its long coastline with numerous beautiful islands and mountainous landscapes. The most famous of which are Nanji Islands which are listed as UNESCO’s Marine Nature Reserve of World Biosphere Reserves.

Other natural attractions include the Nanxi River, the Baizhangji Fall, the Feiyun Lake and the nature reserve, Wuyanling Ridge.

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