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China Travel – Shaoxing City (绍兴市)

 Shaoxing City

Shaoxing City (绍兴市) in northern Zhejiang is one of the famous historical cities in China. It is the ancient capital of the Yue Kingdom of the Spring and Autumn Period more than 3,000 years ago and many remnants of the Yue culture still exist today.

In particular, Shaoxing City is famous for its Chinese rice wine brewing history which extended back to the Yue era some 3,000 years ago. Shaoxing rice wines are used not only as liquors, but are applied in cooking as well as in traditional Chinese medical ointments. Today, the China Shaoxing Yellow Wine Group Corporation produces over 100,000 tons of wines a year for domestic and overseas markets.

Shaoxing City is famous for its numerous ancient towns such as Keqiao, Anchang and Dongpu as well as a famous East Lake which is surrounded by a combination of mountain views, small village houses and stone bridges.

Shaoxing City is also home to the Yue Opera, an opera of national renown alongside the Beijing Opera. It is also known as China’s City of Personages because of the numerous accomplished scholars and historical figures that were born or lived there. In particular, the most well-known modern writer from Shaoxing is Lu Xun, from whom the Lu Xun Garden in Shanghai was named. 



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