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China Travel – Wuxi City (无锡市)

 Wuxi City

Wuxi City (无锡市) is a prosperous city in southern Jiangsu. It is dubbed the “Little Shanghai” for its massive development in economy. Today, Wuxi City is home to many local enterprises and technological companies.

Unlike Shanghai, Wuxi is an ancient city with over 3,000 years of colorful history. It is one important origins of the famous Wu culture in East China area. Located in the rich and fertile Yangtze River delta, Wuxi is also called “a land of fish and rice” for its strong agricultural tradition.     

The most famous tourist attraction in Wuxi is Lake Taihu. It is the third largest fresh water lakes in China and is well known for its rich sceneries of dotted islands, fishing boats and small villages. Within Lake Taihu is the Turtle Head Island which is a peninsula shaped like a turtle head and sits on the most beautiful spot of the massive Lake Taihu.

The Huishan clay figurines from Wuxi are one of the famous cultural folk arts in China with a history of over 1,000 years. Also, factories in Yixing, Wuxi, produce the most popular zisha teapots in China.

Finally, Wuxi is home to CCTV Wuxi Film & TV Studio, which is one of China’s largest film and TV production company. It has constructed large replicas of ancient Chinese cities which are major tourist attractions. These include Tang Dynasty City, Three Kingdoms City, Water Margin City and Taipingtianguo City.


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