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China Travel – Dongguan City (东莞市)

 Dongguan City

Dongguan City (东莞市) is a major industrial city in central Guangdong Province. It is the third largest exporting region in China behind Shanghai and Shenzhen and is home to large numbers of Taiwanese investments.

Dongguan City played a prominent role in the Opium War when it was the site of the famous Incineration of Opium incident. The city and surrounding areas were sites of several battlefields during the Opium War.

Well known tourist attractions include the Opium War Museum, the Humen Naval Battle Museum, Humen Bridge, Keyuan Garden and the Yinxian Resort.

The Keyuan Garden in particular is one of the four famous Qing Dynasty gardens in Guangdong. It is a massive garden with 130 doorways and 108 gateposts with plenty of natural sceneries for visitors to enjoy.

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