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China Travel – Guangzhou City (广州市)

 Guangzhou City

Guangzhou City (广州市), known historically as Canton, is the provincial capital of Guangdong Province. It is the third largest city on China and is located at the central of the vibrant Pearl River Delta some 120 km northwest of Hong Kong City.

The eight most popular tourist attractions in Guangzhou City are collectively known the Eight Sights of Guangzhou.

They are the
(1) Canton Tower,
(2) Pearl River (segment between Baietan and Pazhou),
(3) Baiyun Mountain,
(4) Yuexiu Mountain,
(5) Guangdong Folk Craft Museum,
(6) Liwan Lake,
(7) Guangzhou Science City and lastly,
(8) Nansha Wetland Park.

On top of that, there is also the Dr Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall at Yuexiu Mountain in honor of the Guangdong born Dr Sun who led the rebellion against the corrupt Qing government resulting in the Revolution of 1911 that founded modern China. Dr Sun is regarded as the Founder of Modern China.

In addition, the Guangdong Cuisine is considered among the best of Chinese cuisines and the city of Guangzhou offers a large selection of high quality restaurants especially in the old city area.

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