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China Travel – Zhuhai City (珠海市)

 Zhuhai City

Zhuhai City (珠海市) is located at the estuary of the vibrant Pearl River delta in south Guangdong and is one of China’s prominent tourist destinations.

The most famous tourist attraction is the New Yuan Ming Palace. It is a massive 1.4 square kilometers park with a huge lake. The New Yuan Ming Palace is a partial reconstruction of the original Yuan Ming Palace (Old Summer Palace) in Beijing that was destroyed by the French and British forces in 1860 during the second Opium War.

In addition, Zhuhai is a coastal city with a number of islands. There are plenty of opportunities for water sports such as surf riding, scuba diving and sailing. Alternatively, you can choose to take one of the many ferry rides to visit nearby islands and water towns.

The Sea Product Market opposite Wanzai Port offers a large variety of aquatic products such as crabs, eels, oysters and other seafood for sale. You can also look out for beautiful seashell ornaments and souvenirs.  

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