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China Power Plugs and Sockets

 China Power Socket

Electrical plugs and sockets differ across countries. It is imperative that you bring along the correct power plugs and adapters for your handphones, laptops and other necessary electrical gadgets.

The Chinese power sockets are able to accept the United States’ Type A, C and I categories of plugs.

Type A – Shaped like 2 parallel flat blades;

Type C – Shaped like 2 parallel round rods;

Type I – Shaped like 3 pin flat blades.

The voltage of a Chinese socket is 220 V for all plug types. 

There are technical variations for all plug types. Normally, travel adapters will specify which country the plug may be used in without going into the technical details. As such, it is best to consult the country specification that comes with your purchase. 

The best places to purchase the relevant adapters are travel-related retailers or consumer electronic shops in the airport. 

These days, foreign power plug adapters are also available in large western retailers such as Carrefour in China’s major cities.

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